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Vacation Expert BlogWe (www.wuskwisipihk.ca) are vacation experts and we endeavor to provide vacation solutions to families in Canada and beyond. The information we provide to our clients and visitors to our site www.Wuskwisipihk.ca is factual and well researched.

We are cognizant of the fact that planning for a vacation and actually fulfilling your dream for an excellent family vacation can be a challenging task. Questions about where to go and why, what accessories to have for the vacation and a multiplicity of issues pertaining to factors such as convenience, security and costs flood your mind.

We provide you with information on the best vacation destinations in the world that you can visit. We respect your freedom of choice thus we limit ourselves to giving the best advice available and give you the latitude to make informed decisions. The choice of the destination is purely your responsibility.

Choice of accessories for the vacation can be daunting task. We strive to offer you with top notch insights on this front. Whether it’s about the camping accessories, out door activities such as biking, fishing, hiking or any other fun that you feel the family will delight in, we give you the best tips for a memorable voyage!

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